Top 10 Facebook Ads Spy Tools

If you are a social media marketer, then your focus would be on increasing audience engagement in major social media platforms like Facebook. Read our review on top Facebook ads spy tools to take advantage of social marketing.

  • Facebook ads are an excellent way of enhancing audience engagement, increase traffic to your website, lead generation, encourage signups, and sales.
  • Nevertheless, there are some factors you have to have in place to design ads with a high conversion rate on Facebook.

Above all, there is a way to avoid costly mistakes when creating Facebook ads.

The result of any marketing campaign should be able to deliver returns on the funds you employed on your paid campaigns.

Therefore, the essential factor is to use Facebook ads spy tools to analyze how to create compelling social ads while reducing trial and error mistakes.

What Are Facebook Ads Spy Tools?

The word ‘spy’ means to discern or make out or secretly obtain information. As the word says it all, a Facebook ad spy tool can help digital marketers and enterprises to spy on their competitors’ ads. Additionally, you get ideas from their best practices, successes stories, and of course errors before they create their ads.

What are the things you need to spy on your competitors?

The list is endless and includes a complete analysis of everything the competitor does. This includes:

  • Firstly, style, creativity, and design of the ad
  • Secondly, the strategies of competitors’ ads
  • Thirdly, the interactions with audiences in likes, comments, and share
  • Fourthly, best practices followed in the ad campaign
  • Fifthly, errors or mistakes they faced
  • Finally, spy the best-performing and running ads

Whether you’re a small-sized firm or a large enterprise, you need to have a Facebook Ad Spy tool in place to get started with your Facebook ad strategy.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the top 10 Facebook Ad Spy tools, its features, and benefits in using in your ad campaign.

Ad Spy Tool Primary Advantage URL
PowerAdSpy Profit big without spending money on ads that don’t work
AdSpy Discover the ads your competitors are running
Magic Adz Social ads intelligence tool
Pexgle Discover the best performing ads
Connectio Optimize your Facebook Ads and Social Media Marketing
Idvert Comprehensive advertising offer analysis
Adbeat Spy on your competitor ad strategy
AdEspresso Effective digital advertising
Social AdScout Access millions of ad examples
AdSector Learn from your competitors and eliminate guesswork



A leading Facebook ads spy tool that is preferred by ad agencies, global advertisers, media buyers, and marketing influencers, and digital marketing professionals.

Furthermore, you’ll get the strategies of the best running ads for any social ad campaign in no time.

Besides, the key features provided in PowerAdSpy are:

  • Create inspiring Facebook ads from the database
  • Design winning ad strategies faster
  • Supports Facebook, YouTube, Google, and Instagram.
  • Filter by country, age, language, CTA, ad type, ad position to improve your ad
  • Powerful search algorithm to search based on advertisers, keywords, and domains related to your business
  • Delivers engagement oriented details of Facebook ads
  • Sort by Likes, comments, newest, and running longest
  • Data interval search
  • Search ads with exact and relevant keywords for better analysis
  • Data live from 15 plus countries
  • Shows the latest trends, engagement and reach
  • Bookmark the best ads that you would like to use in the upcoming campaigns
  • Geo-targeting in viewing on competitor strategies per location
  • View live ads and a real-time monitor of competition’s ads

Furthermore, the competitive benchmarking feature lets you compare ad spend, the share of voice and other metrics.

Above all, the purchase plans are available for the Adbeat standard for $249/month, Advanced for $399/month and Enterprise option for accessing advanced reporting tools with 2 years of data. Again, for the Enterprise option, call the customer support to know more details.



A facebook ad tool much similar to PowerAdSpy in terms of features and benefits. Popular Facebook ads spying tool that helps you unfold the competitor’s ads on Facebook.

Furthermore, using this you can view your competitor’s techniques and use them to your own ad campaigns.

Again, some of the key features:

  • Adspy doesn’t stop you as to how many followers you want to follow.
  • You can bookmark ads in the database
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Discover compelling new campaigns
  • Save money on testing campaigns
  • uncover thriving new products
  • monitor the competition’s brands
  • scout for the best markets globally
  • browse ads by what’s most important

Moreover, you’ll understand what works or doesn’t work, including affiliate ads or offers the competition is currently running. All these will give you the idea to launch the best ad.

Above all, the tool is priced at $149 per month, with unlimited access to all the features.

Magic Adz

MagicAdz FB Ad Spy Tool
MagicAdz FB Ad Spy Tool

Certainly, your successful campaigns start with MagicAdz. If you’re a marketer, an e-commerce company, affiliate or affiliate network, then MagicAdz is a powerful aid in your campaign.

Furthermore, you can create compelling and engaging ads. This can be done by investigating and drawing insights by competitor spying.

Moreover, MagicAdz grants you test run your advertisements and gauge performance.

MagicAdz FB Ad Spy Tool
MagicAdz FB Ad Spy Tool

Additionally, the essential features offered by MagicAdz are:

  • Investigate ads by scanning through ads from the archive
  • Search by keywords used inside ads, landing pages, and comments
  • Search by the audience and ad type by and engagement
  • Spot Ad Info & Performance statistics
  • Discover  millions of Facebook Ads by keywords
  • Track your competitors
  • Search affiliate ads

Furthermore, you can sort ads by latest scanned, first scanned, newly scanned, oldest scanned, most liked, most commented and most shared.

MagicAdz Search for Ads
MagicAdz Search for Ads

Above all, attractive pricing plans available for MagicAdz:

  • The Essential plan is available for $99/monthly user
  • The Pro plan for businesses that need affiliate and e-commerce ads $199 p/monthly user
  • The Premium plan to discover full funnels, offers, Ecom’s and affiliate ads for $299 p/monthly user

Additionally, the Enterprise plan for agencies and large companies seeking custom solutions at $749 for multiple users.



An all-in-one winning product and ads toolkit for marketers who want to take their business to the next level.

Certainly, Pexgle is designed to grow your business at the rate of $15000 a day/ It is meant for:

  • Salespeople to increase revenue and conversion rates
  • Marketing people to enable them to use winning ads
  • Research people to uncover the best products in the market
  • CEO to expand current niche and move to the next one

Furthermore, Pexgle toolkit will let you discover winning products.

Pexgle Tool Kit
Pexgle Tool Kit

Above all, the benefits of using Pexgle are:

  • You can skyrocket your conversion rate with trending products
  • Boost revenue and profitability of sales
  • Save funds on ads by unveiling the best ads
  • Analyze trends, competitors strategy and analyze audience buying behavior

Certainly, you can scale your business faster within less time with the help of this tool.

Finally, three pricing plans are available in purchasing pexgle:

  • The Pro plan for drop shippers, startups and in-house marketers with a limited budget at $74.95 per month
  • The Guru plan for SMB, E-commerce projects, and growing marketing agencies at $199.95 per month
  • The Business plan to fit the marketing needs at $499.95 per month

You have a 7-day free trial to start with Pexgle.



Idvert is the world’s largest Online Ads Competitive Intelligence tool

The key features available in Idvert are:

  • Creative page including the Creative, Copywriting, Ads position, First Seen, Last Seen, Device, Geo, Offer name, Affiliate Network, Money page, Offer page, Advertising analysis and suggestion.
  • Search by keywords in the top search bar, or screen through different filters according to your needs such as Ads format, Device, First Seen Date and Last Seen, date, language, GEO, Action, Affiliate Network, and Category.
  • Multi-dimensional analysis and tracking of the latest hottest Facebook/Native/Adult ads in more than 60 countries, it generates an up-to-date offer overview and analysis.
  • Analysis of Various Offer Advertising Trends
  • Various Offer Area Analysis
  • Offer Source Analysis
  • Publishers analysis
  • Traffic platform analysis
  • Offer analysis
  • Domain Name Analysis
Idvert Sort
Idvert Sort

Above all, Idvert is priced at $199/month per user for full access to the database, detailed AD analysis and advertising strategy, unlimited search limit per day.


AdSector Ad Spy Tool
AdSector Ad Spy Tool

If you want to search through a vast amount of ads in seconds, AdSector is an excellent Spy tool for you.

The benefits of using AdSector are:

  • Find images that resonate with your clients
  • Develop creative and effective ads
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Real-time status checker
  • Comprehensive analytics
  • Search and filter option to search based on the advertiser, publisher, keywords, interest, live activities on landing pages
  • bookmark your favorite ads
  • Proprietary filtering functions

Nevertheless, price is on the higher side compared to other tools available in the market for the number of features offered by AdSector. The regular price for AdSector is $323 per month and the offer price is $249 per month.

In conclusion, it is an excellent spy tool. You can easily learn from your competitors and eliminate guesswork, thereby saving on costly mistakes.



Connectio can automate and optimize your Facebook Advertising for connecting audience, target, and interest.


The benefits of using Connectio are saved time, increase the effectiveness of marketing activities and make more money in business.

Futhermore, all solutions in one place, Connectio is one of the reliable ad spy tools. The power features include:

  • Audience
  • leads
  • retarget
  • explore
  • automate
Connectio Solutions
Connectio Solutions

The key features of Connectio are:

  • Connecting audience feature helps your research the buyers, tracking your subscriber’s behavior with your emails for the purpose of building a good subscriber list.
  • The retargeting feature helps you convert to a sale, increase click-through rates, increase brand search and increase revenue
  • The automated feature helps you automate social media campaigns that sell.
  • You no longer need to waste funds on underperforming ads and run profitable ads
  • Fetch you higher ROI on your ad spend
  • The explore feature helps you optimize your time by adding new untapped interests to your ad sets



Adbeat is an essential tool to spy on your competitor strategies. It is the future of competitive intelligence as it makes available massive amounts of data, rich tools for insights and reports.

  • The key features of Adbeat include:
  • High-quality data with wide coverage across 120 plus ad networks that are on the top.
  • Insights provide you with media buying strategies, landing pages, top creatives, and estimated spend on advertisements
  • Reporting feature can generate reports in different formats and allows you to set up alerts
  • Advanced options to compare advertisers, dive into campaigns and get all the data in few clicks

Furthermore, the dashboard gives you a bird’s eye view of media buying strategy.

Adbeat Insights
Adbeat Insights

The competitive benchmarking feature lets you compare ad spend, the share of voice and other metrics.

Adbeat Compare Tool
Adbeat Compare Tool

Above all, the purchase plans are available for the Adbeat standard for $249/month, Advanced for $399/month and Enterprise option for accessing advanced reporting tools with 2 years of data. For the Enterprise option, call the customer support to know more details.


AdEspresso Facebook Ads Spy Tool
AdEspresso Facebook Ads Spy Tool

AdEpresso is one of the best Facebook ads spy tools that perform ad management and ad spying on the competition.

The benefits of AdEspresso are:

  • ad gallery with many ad instances from the competition worldwide,
  • Compare Facebook Ads performance and get a benchmark of your campaign
  • Track Facebook conversions
  • Create your campaigns on multiple platforms
  • analyze your campaign
  • Optimize your campaign
  • Dynamic Product Ads
  • Asset Manager and PDF reporting
  • Like Info & Ads
  • Search and filter the ads you want to include

Furthermore, AdEspresso’s ad gallery has more than 15,000 ads that can be used to build your ads.

Additionally, get insights into how competitor brands market their services or products.

Therefore, implement the right strategy for your ads, based on your competitor observation.

Above all, AdEspresso offers four pricing plans to benefit the users:

  • Base plan for $58
  • The premium for $166
  • Elite for $333
  • Diamond for $499

Apart from this, you have the trial option for 14 days.

Social Ad Scout


Social Ad Scout is one of the Facebook Ads Spy Tools that provides real-time information on what your competitors. Certainly, you’ll know what competitors are doing from millions of Facebook ads.

Furthermore, this lets you target a specific audience segment and omit what you don’t need for your strategy.

  • For instance, extensive data on timelines, when and how often an ad was seen, how it is ranked, who saw it and how many times, and the devices it was seen
  • Download landing pages and store them including their dependencies like images, videos, scripts and style sheets

Besides, the benefits of using Social Ad Scout are:

  • Boost your ad conversions through effective strategies
  • View latest and instant updates from 21 countries
  • Search option based on geographical location, URLs, text, last seen, ad types, performance indicators, and device type.
  • Extremely fast interface
  • Comprehensive ad formats
  • Desktop and mobile ads
  • Permanent ads archive

Furthermore, the exact targeting feature lets you target exactly what is needed to get to your targets through Facebook Ads.

Also, you’ll notice live ad analytics with data from channels like Instagram and YouTube.

Finally, the price plans available are Premium for $147 for one user per month and Agency for $127 two users per month. Option to get a customized plan is available for $97 per month.

Our Final thoughts on FB Ads Spy Tools

In conclusion, FB Ads spy tools are indispensable when it comes to online marketing and e-commerce. With the growing number of active users and billions of ad clicks annually, Facebook is a lucrative social platform for your business to market your products.

Certainly, the 10 Facebook ads spying tools discussed in this article can help your marketing efforts get to the next level, depending on your campaigning goals, fund availability, and the kind of audience you’re looking for.

Moreover, most of the tools offer you a trial version, which is a good place to start with. You can then upgrade to business, premium or pro plans based on your scaling ability.

Top 17 Facebook Ad Tools

Facebook is the number one digital and social media platform to showcase your business profile. Know about Facebook Ad Tools that can maximize your returns on marketing campaigns.

Facebook has millions of active users that make it the most preferred social networking platform.

Facebook advertising has become popular as businesses are trying to increase their visibility and draw attention to their products. Certainly, it is an avenue to increase the traffic to your business page.

Facebook provides new and upcoming businesses the opportunity to reach new prospects, create brand awareness, and reach millions of targets.

  • If you’re someone advertising to promote your business on Facebook and looking for ways to manage Facebook ads, then you’re in need of Facebook Ad tools.
  • If you are one of those companies using Facebook advertisements to reach your target audience, then an effective ad tool can save time and money.

In this article, we discuss the 17 top Facebook Ad tools that would maximize your return on investments in marketing campaigns. Additionally, we provide an overview of the importance, reasons, and advantages of using Facebook Ad tools.

Reasons for using Facebook Ad Tools

Even though Facebook provides a platform to reach millions of target audiences, you still need ad automation tools to effectively make conversions and maximize your Return on Investments (ROI).

Additionally, your marketing campaigns on Facebook can be optimized with AI-based tools. Above all, here are few highlights on the Facebook Ad  tools are:

  • Firstly, it provides a single interface to manage all your ads.
  • Secondly, an ad tool will increase the conversion rate.
  • Thirdly, an AI-based tool will boost your ROI.
  • Fourthly, it helps in better ad optimization.
  • Fifthly, it can save time by automating your marketing campaigns.

Importance of Facebook Ads

Every business will leverage all the benefits of Facebook advertising when they understand the importance of Facebook Ads. The impact social media ads make on millions of people on Facebook is tremendous.

Let’s examine some of the reasons:

  • Facebook has targeted advertising that provides the opportunity to reach the right audience.
  • The cheapest form of advertising compared to other traditional advertising.
  • Facebook advertising is fast in increasing brand awareness and increasing website traffic.
  • The results of Facebook advertising are measurable as you can track conversions
  • Facebook advertising can drive traffic to your off-line sales

Advantages of using a Facebook ad tool

Here are a few advantages of using Facebook Ad tool:

  • Save time as it is easy to manage
  • A good tool can provide quick insights
  • Connect with your audience easily
  • Increase campaign performance
  • Automate repetitive tasks and schedule the task in advance

Facebook Ad Tools in the Market

Here are some of the Facebook Ad tools through which your business can benefit:

  1. AdEspresso
  2. Madgicx
  3. PowerAdSpy
  4. Creative Hub
  5. Facebook Text Overlay
  6. Headline Grader
  7. Adobe Spark
  8. Acquisio Social
  9. SuperMetrics
  10. Qwaya
  11. AdStage
  12. Pagemodo
  13. Revealbot
  14. DriftRock
  15. AdRoll
  16. Perfect Audience
  17. Agorapulse

Tool 1: AdEspresso

Facebook Ad Tool AdEspresso
Facebook Ad Tool AdEspresso

AdEspresso by Hootsuite is a single platform for multiple channels to create Facebook campaigns and Instagram campaigns.

First, let us examine the benefits of using AdEspresso:

  • Tracking ads
  • Complete control over your ad placement, timing, and audience
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Analyze campaigns with access to top-notch analytics to optimize your Facebook and other social media campaign
  • Provides tips to stop under-performing ads instead of spending time and money on flops
  • PDF reporting on ads that you want to view metrics by selecting the ad accounts
  • Gives you the education to find the perfect target, decide how much to spend and retarget campaign
  • Synchronization CRM to connect your marketing tool with Facebook Ad account
  • Set the parameters to automatically promote your organic posts and decide how long it needs to be promoted
  • Furthermore, it provides easy publication approval of campaign through white label email sent to your client or customer
  • Grid composer to create a personalized message to promote your business
  • Again, create dynamic robust ads within no time
  • Create, save and manage custom audiences and assets in one place

Moreover, if you really want to get inspired by other ads, then AdEspresso is the right tool for you. Looking at competitors’ ads, you can get inspiration to build your own.

Besides, some of the advertisement options available are:

  • Photo Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Slideshow Ads
  • Collection Ads
  • Instant Experience Ads
  • Lead Ads
  • Offer Ads
  • Messenger Ads

Tool 2: Madgicx

Facebook Ad Tool Madgicx
Facebook Ad Tool Madgicx

Madgicx provides you all the tactics, audience and support you need to succeed with Facebook Ads.

Furthermore, the benefits of using this tool are:

  • Mass creation of ads with a full strategy that is not provided even by an elite ad agency.
  • Create rich reports on daily, weekly or monthly intervals
  • Short term and long term revenue maximization tactics for a 24/7 running of Ads
  • Create campaigns in less than 5 minutes
  • Automation of operations
  • Creative clusters
  • Furthermore, it provides knowledge and technologies needed to succeed on Facebook ads.
  • Strategic dashboards for reporting on Acquisition, Retargeting, and retention campaigns
  • Get actionable insights to find growth opportunities

Above all, the outstanding feature of Madgicx is it combines Facebook advertising technologies and best practices from experts to support optimization.

Therefore, you save time by effective and efficient account management.

Tool 3: PowerAdSpy

Facebook Ad Tool PowerAdSpy
Facebook Ad Tool PowerAdSpy

PowerAdspy helps you create winning Ads instantly.

  • It is one of the largest software that lets you run Facebook Ads, Instagram, and Google Ads to make money right away.
  • Use PowerAdspy to search ads, replicate and bank
  • Search all social media ads to discover the most trending products, engaged audience and funnel.
  • Grow your email list fast by displaying the exact ads
  • Furthermore, you can find hidden niches and business opportunities that are profitable for you.
  • Avoid all the hassle of content creation
  • Above all, helps in identifying campaign targets

Besides, the Power-packed features of PowerAdSpy are:

  • Filter by advertisements by positions and analyze which ad performs well
  • Visit live ad post and check the real-time engagement along with target’s opinion over the advertisements
  • Find the recent successful ads from the database
  • Search ads based on advertisers and keywords
  • Bookmark your ads
  • Powerful search algorithm
  • Sort the ads by date, shares, likes, and comments
  • Furthermore, provides engagement oriented details of Facebook ads
  • Provides an idea of what video ads the audience responds to in the social media

Tool 4: Creative Hub

Facebook Ad Tool Creative Hub
Facebook Ad Tool Creative Hub

Creative Hub is a social media platform for businesses to create ads and get inspired by others as well.

  • Draw influence from big brands
  • Manage mockups
  • Ensure your image ads will be approved
  • Explore new ad formats
  • Unleash the power of Instagram
  • Sharpen your mobile advertising strategy
  • Share ideas with your team
  • Preview ads in their natural habitat
  • Finally, manage, edit, and export with ease

Certainly, you can now bring your creative ideas to life. For this, you have Creative Hub that maximizes your ad creation.

You can access Creative Hub from your business page. For this, go to your business page Global Ad Manager and select a creative hub.

With this Facebook Ad Tool you can:

  • Create mockups for ads
  • Share ads with anyone
  • Additionally, you get feedback

Furthermore, ad mockups can be created in the following formats:

  • Stories, collection, Instant experience, video
  • Carousel, Slideshow, 360, Single Video, Single Image

Tool 5. Facebook Text Overlay Tool

Facebook Text Overlay
Facebook Text Overlay

Text Overlay tool can be used to check the text in the image. For an advertisement to be effective, the images used in the ads should be of good quality. You can check image text ratings for your ad image.

In order for your advertisement to get maximum reach, it should not have more than 20% text. For checking the text in the image, just upload the image and see the result.

Moreover, four different ratings are given usually,

  • OK: Your advert will run normally
  • Low: Your adverts reach may be slightly lower
  • Medium: Your adverts reach may be much lower
  • High: Your advert may not run.

Therefore, it is suggested the text be put in the advert text instead of in the images for better performance.

Tool 6: CoSchedule’s Headline Grader

Facebook Ad Tool Headline Analyzer
Facebook Ad Tool Headline Analyzer

Your ad headlines are more important than your body content. Know the score of your headlines through CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer.

Certainly, you need this tool if you want to grab the attention of your audience through better headlining. You can analyze the headlines that you want to use in your social media advertisements.

Besides, the benefits of using Coschedule headline analyzer are:

  • Captivate your audience with the right word
  • Optimize character length to increase audience engagement
  • Furthermore, you can create scannable, easy to digest headlines with the right number of words

Above all, this tool scores your overall quality of the headline and rates headline ability to result in social shares, increased traffic, and SEO value.

Tool 7: Adobe Spark

Facebook Ad Tool Adobe Spark
Facebook Ad Tool Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark helps you create beautiful graphics, web pages and stories in minutes. Facebook advertisements can be effective if created with animation and stunning videos. This tool within a few minutes can help you create stunning images.

Furthermore, the benefits of using Adobe Spark are:

  • Select from a variety of fonts for every occasion to make beautiful typography
  • Select from a huge number of photos for iconic imagery
  • Use professional themes by exploring a variety of best-in-class layouts, fonts and theme colors
  • Watch your published work make an impact with increased views and likes
  • Moreover, you can share your story through social media
  • Sync projects automatically across the web or apps
  • Additionally, you can make use of Spark projects and let your creativity keep flowing

Also, if you need creative ideas for images, you have loads of gallery images to spark your next great idea.

Tool 8: Acquisio Social

Acquisio is a social media advertising tool and campaign platform for fast-track facebook advertising success and Instagram as well.

Facebook Ad Tool Acquisio
Facebook Ad Tool Acquisio

Acquisio provides end-to-end features for campaign management

The key features provided by this Facebook Ad tool are:

  • Sales tools to predict the outcome of any PPC campaign
  • Launch AI and PPC automation tools for streamlining campaign
  • Reporting tools to save time in viewing social reports
  • Furthermore, you have all source data integration using APIs and data connectors
  • Clone and sync campaigns
  • Test the opportunity on Ads
  • Run campaigns with minimal effort
  • Finally, launch cross-channel ads scale

Furthermore, the benefits of using Acquisio are:

  • manage and organize your Facebook and Instagram ads
  • test hundreds of ad variants
  • gain quick performance insights
  • Abova ll, get optimization suggestions to improve performance.

Tool 9: SuperMetrics

Facebook Ad Tool Supermetrics
Facebook Ad Tool Supermetrics

Supermetrics can pull useful data from advertising channels into your google sheets for reference. This includes details such as Facebook ads reach, frequency, and CPC over time. This will help you improve your ad based on the performance data.

You can pull your Google Ads data for analysis and prepare professional ad reports within minutes. This can be done for multiple Google Ads accounts in a single time by fetching data from all accounts.

Beside, the key features of this Facebook Ad tool are:

  • Save time by a quick analysis of marketing performance
  • Build dashboards & reports in Google Data Studio to track your marketing performance
  • Automate the entire marketing process
  • Centralize your marketing data in the warehouse
  • Abova ll, all scattered data from social platforms into one place

Tool 10: Qwaya

Facebook Ad Tool Owaya
Facebook Ad Tool Owaya

Qwaya is a Facebook Ad Manager for online marketing. For successfully managing your Facebook advertising campaign, Qwaya is the right tool for your marketing plans.

With this tool, you can:

  • Create tests for ads and audience
  • Schedule campaigns
  • Set automation for campaigns
  • Create ad rotation
  • Tracking and reporting URLs

Key features that make Facebook Ad Tool standout in the market are:

  • Schedule campaigns to run in a day or week
  • Define ad and campaign rules to pause your campaigns
  • Ad rotation to decide what variation should run in ad
  • URL builder helps you save your work and easy to reuse
  • Furthermore, you have Google Analytics tagging for automated URL tagging
  • Add multi-users to collaborate and share sheets
  • Targeting and ad templates help to reuse your work
  • Additionally, you have Campaign organizer to drag and drop campaigns into folders
  • Split testing for creatives and audiences
  • Multi-Product ads to sell more products on Facebook
  • Finally, a function to Export data into excel report

Certainly, Qwaya can help to streamline your social media marketing, optimize your Ad spend, and design ads that perform.

Tool 11: AdStage

Facebook Ad Tool AdStage
Facebook Ad Tool AdStage

AdStage lets you manage your marketing data in one place. An ad tool to optimize your AdWords for Facebook and other social media sites.
With this Facebook Ad tool, you can:

  • Run digital ads on multiple platforms
  • Save time managing and optimizing ad
  • Testing of ads
  • Automation of task
  • Furthermore, you can analyze and share insights about various ad campaigns and conversions with your team
  • Optimize tasks, like day-parting ads and automate tasks to focus on other important tasks
  • Moreover, you can transport normalized ad data to the preferred destination
  • Import data into your BI tool
  • Get a complete view of the ads driving the most value
  • Above all, AdStage Data API lets you import conversion data from CRM, billing systems, and other third-party data

Tool 12: Pagemodo

Facebook Ad Tool Pagemodo
Facebook Ad Tool Pagemodo

If you have a Facebook budget and you want to get the most out of it, then Pagemodo can help you in simplified targeting.

  • You’ll be able to go live and see results within minutes
  • You have access to plenty of royalty-free images, fonts, and tools to create the ads for your promotion.
  • Testing and analysis of the audience on Facebook to show how your ad performed

Furthermore, you create Facebook Ads that get your business results. The benefits of using Pagemodo are:

  • Firstly, you have a user-friendly design
  • Secondly, it gives you simplified targeting
  • Thirdly, actionable analytics
  • Fourthly, you can design your ads with royalty-free images
  • Finally, you can create stunning ads with professional tools

In addition, you can target your audience and get the most with your budget. This is a great way to optimize your Facebook with this friendly tool.

Tool 13:Revealbot

Facebook Ad Tool Revealbot
Facebook Ad Tool Revealbot

Revealbot can automate all your campaigning tasks in a single interface. By automating, you’ll stay focused on other vital tasks in your business.

With this, you can:

  • Track your ad performance.
  • Complete control over campaign objectives
  • Furthermore, an option to set multiple ad accounts
  • A/B test to find which advertisement works best for you
  • Create ads and edit schedules and budgets.
  • Finally, you can receive push notifications.

Key features that make this Facebook Ad tool are:

  • Custom metrics and variables to use in automated rules
  • Create rules to pause, start, duplicate, set new bid strategies, change bid
  • Auto-boost top posts in order to increase traffic
  • Complete control over campaign objectives
  • Automatically promote posts
  • option to use your best performing posts in other social media for Facebook Ads
  • Above all, generate dozens of ads at once and retain the best after bulk creation
  • Speed up your workflow by using macros to create tags
  • Save time by creating ad variations of titles, copies, images, videos, and audiences

Tool 14: DriftRock

Driftrock provides single customer view technology to develop new marketing strategies that drive proven results in your business.

Facebook Ad Tool DriftRock
Facebook Ad Tool DriftRock

With this Facebook Ad tool, you can:

  • Discover and connect lead generating sources to your customer relationship management
  • End-to-end tracking, lead validation, and campaign optimization
  • Convert more leads with segmentation and automated audience nurturing
  • Deploy thousands of personalized local campaigns effortlessly
  • Validate, track and optimize every lead
  • Track every click from source to an offline purchase.
  • Increase conversion rate by syncing customer segments
  • Integrate with your favorite tools over 250 plus tools

Tool 15: AdRoll

Facebook Ad Tool AdRoll
Facebook Ad Tool AdRoll

AdRoll one of the popular Facebook Ad Tools can help you know your customers better than your competitors, even before you have met your customers.

The benefits of this Facebook Ad tool are:

  • makes it easy to find your audience
  • create personalized messages
  • cross-channel experiences that keep them coming back
  • measure your ad impact on customers

Furthermore, AdRoll AI-driven marketing platform connects and coordinates all your campaigning efforts across ads, email, and your online store, to support the entire customer journey, from awareness through purchase.

Above all, you can connect your e-commerce platform or website including Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, Squarespace and introduce dynamic ads. This will decrease cart abandonment and increase customer purchases.

Tool 16: Perfect Audience

Facebook Ad Tool Perfect Audience
Facebook Ad Tool Perfect Audience

The perfect audience tool calls itself a single Solution for all of your retargeting needs.

Furthermore, you display your ads on the top sites, integrate your storefront with the target, personalized shopping ads, and get more sales.

Some of the features of this Facebook Ad tool are:

  • Measure the impact of advertisement views and clicks on conversions, revenue
  • Powerful Targeting, in the news feed and beyond. Ideal for awareness
  • Transparent Billing for every dollar spend with detail invoices sent to your inbox
  • Ease of Use in retargeting solution.
  • Above all, the benefit of incremental sales without the hassle

Tool 17: Agorapulse

Facebook Ad Tool AgoraPulse
Facebook Ad Tool AgoraPulse

Managing your Facebook has become easy with Agorapulse. An effective tool to schedule content, get reports, engage followers with the help of this tool.

With this, you can:

  • Schedule, reschedule, queue or bulk upload your posts
  • Find, filter and manage your comments, ad comments, and important messages
  • Easily determine the ROI of your engagements and content strategy with CSV and PPT reports
  • Real-time team collaboration to help you move fast in the social network
  • Identify key influencers
  • Monitor social channels
  • Get stunning reports in an easy-to-view single dashboard
  • Supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn
  • Easy to monitor multiple accounts and respond to customers urgent messages


In conclusion, through Facebook Ad tools you can double your returns. As Facebook advertising builds engagement through likes, comments, and interactions in your advertisements, you can build stronger relationships with the target.

Higher the engagement, the higher the connection with the target. Higher the connection, the higher the conversion rate.

Certainly, the business should leverage this effective platform to dramatically increase the engagement with the audience.

If there is one social media platform that no business marketer can ignore, it is Facebook. Maximize your returns on this platform through Facebook Ad Tools to reach your target audience.

Whatever your campaign objective, be it optimizing your ads for improved results, or for helping you save time with mass ad creation and editing, there’s always a tool for your needs.

Make use of the Facebook Ad tools to maximize your return on ad investments!


PitchGround Review

Stay updated in the SaaS marketplace with PitchGround a revolutionary selling platform. Our PitchGround review will provide insights to stand firm in the SaaS marketplace.

Are you a new entrant to the SaaS (Software as a Service) market struggling to carve a place for yourself in the online market?

PitchGround is the fastest growing SaaS marketplace for startups and entrepreneurs who wants to showcase new products. Promote your SaaS products on the PitchGround selling platform.

It is a lucrative place for early adopters who are eager to try new SaaS products in the market.

If you are looking for the best lifetime deals to buy SaaS software products and tools, then PitchGround is the right place to start with.

Our PitchGround review reveals that it offers lifetime deals on premium software products. Early adopters of the product gain the most as the deals are for a specific time period.

PitchGround Review
PitchGround Review
Saas Products

Saas products are hosted centrally and the buyers can access the product through web or mobile rather than downloading or installing the application.

In this PitchGround review, we’ll discuss how PitchGround works, what benefits it offers to the SaaS vendors, how buyers save the bill and the pros and cons of using PitchGround as a selling platform.

What is PitchGround?

Bringing together interested buyers of software products and SaaS vendors in the marketplace is the primary objective of PitchGround. With over 6600+ members in the PitchGround community, SaaS vendors can reach a wider audience.

Do you want to make applications available to online customers through this selling platform? SAAS (Software as a Service) as a distribution model available to online customers where vendors host software products.

PitchGround is a community-driven platform that sells SaaS software products. As an early adopter, you are encouraged with special offerings and best lifetime deals.

Lifetime Deals

Furthermore, tap into this revolutionary selling platform by launching exclusive lifetime deals. Our review of PitchGround encourages you to market in this SaaS platform.

  • Firstly, broaden your audience through PitchGround affiliations
  • Secondly, rapidly scale your traffic to increase sales as it is a community of SaaS vendors
  • Thirdly, Affiliate marketing is an additional marketing channel to optimize your business growth.
  • Finally, the overlaps of the audience in the community of vendors will bring targeted traffic to your product page.

PitchGround Community of SaaS vendors

PitchGround is a place for freelancers, solepreneurs, and entrepreneurs to sell premium products at a discounted price for the target customers. From our PitchGround review, it is clear that it is a community of SaaS vendors meeting with their target audience.

PitchGround is a SaaS marketplace that allows small or any size enterprise customers to buy cloud-based SaaS applications. Buyers can easily find SaaS products that are easy to manage.

Certainly, you can reach millions of users across the globe through this SaaS marketplace to build your business growth.

Advantage of SaaS over downloading or installing applications

Saas Products includes a wide plethora of branding, SEO, accounting, marketing and graphics products. In the SaaS method of delivery, software products can be accessed through the internet without having to download them on your system.

Furthermore, this saves a lot of investment in terms of hardware and software the organization otherwise must invest in installing an on-premise version of the product.

These applications can be accessed from various devices and the buyer need not spend time and money to maintain the network, Operating system, and storage.

Therefore, you can save on 95% of purchase bill through deals and above all SaaS vendor takes care of the maintenance of the software product.

How PitchGround works?

SaaS companies can greatly benefit from PitchGround marketing. In this PitchGround review, we discuss what PitchGround follows to boost your business:

  • Firstly, you as a SaaS vendor share your software product with the community of buyers.
  • Go live with your product deals. Start selling without expensive marketing.
  • Gather feedback from your audience on their interests and preferences. This will help you as a vendor to improve your SaaS product.

Above all, gain the advantage of using PitchGround affiliates to get wider visibility for your SaaS products.

Do you want to scale up your business with PitchGround?

Are you struggling to introduce your new SaaS product to your online targets? PitchGround provides a revolutionary platform to showcase lifetime deals on SaaS products. The exciting and exclusive best deals on Saas tools can definitely take your business to the next level.

Many customers have provided good feedback on PitchGround that the software they sell is far better than other websites in the market. Certainly, it is a platform that has made both vendors and customers happy with good deals and quality products.

Therefore, there is absolutely saving of money in terms of marketing as the PitchGround marketing environment is all-sufficient to bring your SaaS products to the limelight. Even if there is no awareness about a product, the community in the PitchGround will create the ground of awareness.

Above all, spreading the word of your software product in the community will scale up your business easily.

SaaS Buyer benefits on PitchGround

The endless benefits PitchGround offers in terms of bringing together quality and deals is increasing. It provides the opportunity for the buyer to raise a query about the issues they can freely provide feedback comments based on their experience with the product they have purchased from PitchGround.

  • The vital point is PitchGround is open to community complaints and strives to listen and find solutions for every issue customer faces. The community thread serves as a source of input for the vendors to understand customer requirements.
  • More new features to the software products are added based on customer feedback on the PitchGround community.
  • Furthermore, Money-back guarantee is one of the advantages of purchasing through PitchGround. 60 days money-back guarantee is provided by PitchGround, no matter what the reason.
  • The hassle-free money back policy of PitcGround has raised thousands of happy customers.
  • The refund period is from the date of purchase until the 60th day. The buyers have the opportunity to connect with the billing team between Monday – Friday.
Lead Generation
  • Are you looking to try on new SEO and lead generation tools for your business, then rush to PitchGround.
  • Access to essential marketing tools through one selling platform. Get lifetime access to plenty of essential tools that would accelerate your business. Spend less in buying the SaaS product and reap more benefits in business.
  • For instance, if a SaaS product normally costs $99 per month, you can buy lifetime access to the same at just $499. Imagine lifetime access with lesser cost on the bill.
  • Finally, the lifetime access deal includes unlimited access to all features in the product, unlimited integrations, and task flow. These are some of the added benefits in PitchGround offering on selected products.

Lifetime deal offers on SaaS products

Who doesn’t want a lifetime deal offer? Lifetime deal campaign encourages customers to buy once as a special offering from the SaaS company. However, these deals are time-bound and are for a limited period of time.

  • Plenty of lifetime offers are listed in PitchGround deals. A lifetime offer enables the buyer to use the product for the lifetime of the product.
  • Furthermore, there are always plenty of deals on SaaS products listed on PitchGround. You’ll notice deals every week and month.
  • Help buyers with lifetime deals and increase your sales.
  • Certainly, the best product at best deals at the best ground.

PitchGround other Marketing Assistance

Apart from listing your SaaS products, you’ll see PitchGround’s effort to market your products through:

  • Affiliate marketing through various affiliations
  • Facebook PitchGround group
  • Paid Promotion through Ads
  • Customer support

Option to analyze products before you buy on PitchGround

Before you decide to buy a software product on PitchGround deals, you have the option to check the reviews of other customers who have already bought the product.

For the purpose of ascertaining the features and clarifying the queries the prospect has on mind, PitchGround provides product details, FAQs, reviews and community thread to the audience.

Product details

The Details tab on a product page list the product description. This clearly describes what the product is used for, how it can be used along with the key features found in the product.

Listing your product information, features, potential benefits of the product can quicken the understanding of the product and assist in buying decisions.

PitchGround Product Details
PitchGround Product Details

The PitchGround FAQs tab for each of the products, answers all your questions related to the product. This is one way of improving your customer experience by providing quick information while making a buying decision.

Furthermore, all answers in one place to encourage purchase decisions and as a result, boost your sales.

PitchGround FAQs
PitchGround FAQs

The product rating along with the pros and cons of using the product is detailed in the Review tab of the product. You also have the option to write a review on the product. For this click Write Review on the top-right corner of the page.

PitchGround Customer Review
PitchGround Customer Review
Community discussion

From our PitchGround review, we understand that there is an option to take part in the community discussion related to the product. You can either start a new discussion by posting the first question or just continue with the existing discussion.

PitchGround Community
PitchGround Community
A community that helps view and review other business

Social media platforms provide the opportunity to list products in an online selling platform. A community of vendors who can view and review other business products as well.

You as a vendor or customer can view the community discussion in the thread started for the product. It is a great place to not only offer deals but also a place to understand customer queries, complaints, and feedback.

PitchGround builds a relationship with the vendors who have listed deals of products. They provide video presentations about the product along with extensive answering of all questions in the mind of the buyers.

Setting your Sales Pitch

Setting your ground for sales all starts with identifying the problem of your prospect and positioning your product to solve the problem. Bringing clarity in the mind of the early adopters especially before making a purchase decision is vital in selling a SaaS product.

With innumerable products in the SaaS marketplace, differentiation in your product will win the heart of purchasers. This can be easily accomplished with the help of PitchGround community and customer feedback.

  • Provides feature description to enlighten the audience about the differentiated product in the marketplace
  • Good feedback or review creates a lasting impression in the minds of the buyer when going for the product.

Comparison with similar platforms

PitchGround is focused on the SaaS market, easy to set up, and provides wider visibility compared to similar marketing platforms.

PitchGround review of Pros and Cons

Here are the pros of PitchGround review:

  • SaaS companies are attracted to PitchGround for the primary reason of speed up in sales.
  • Gather feedback that is otherwise hard to know from real-time customers.
  • No initial marketing costs.
  • The community in PitchGround can provide the chance of creating brand ambassadors for your product who would promote your product.
  • Lifetime deals
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Round the clock support services

Some of the cons identified from PitchGround review:

  • The SaaS vendor listed on PitchGround should maintain the product and stay long in the market for the buyer to have a lifelong benefit.


In conclusion, SaaS vendors can effectively make use of PitchGround to speed up sales. Join the PitchGround community if you are an early adopter or a prospective buyer who wants to take advantage of deals.

We recommend PitchGround to small and medium-sized businesses that find it hard to sell independently any SaaS products. It creates a lively community to introduce new software products that can otherwise easily go unnoticed in the market.

Small entrepreneurs can attract early adopters through lifetime deals that will set apart their product among the sea of products.

If you are a SaaS company who has worked so hard to develop a new product, make use of the powerful PitchGround to market your super product. What usually takes a year to market a SaaS product can be easily marketed within a shorter time frame. Give your company sales a boost today!


Ingramer Review: An Effective Instagram Promotion Tool

Word of recommendations is the foundation of influencer marketing. The E-commerce industry has strengthened this marketing technique through Instagram. Read our Ingramer review to know more about leveraging on the social media platform.

Ingramer Review
Ingramer Review

Instagram is a visual platform to exhibit your business, create brand awareness and develop a strong customer base.

Instagram has grown at a greater rate similar to Facebook and Twitter. As Instagram is a diverse platform with a variety of audiences, both small and large brands can leverage this to promote the growth of customers.

What is Ingramer?

Ingramer is an Instagram promotion tool that works based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Here are a few reasons why you need Ingramer:

  • Firstly, for brand awareness and conversions of followers to customers.
  • Secondly, an influencer marketing platform like the Ingramer provides the exact targeting needed.
  • Thirdly, you’ll be able to build your business and promote your Instagram growth like a professional.

Our Ingramer review observes more actions per month. In other words, compared to other tools, Ingramer performs 3750 actions per month.

Moreover, you have the option of automating your marketing strategy. As a result, increase your business significantly through Ingramer.

Certainly, an effective tool in the market that helps you find real users and followers.

In this Ingramer review, we will discuss the features Ingramer offers and how the various modules in the tool can help a business stay on top.

Why should you use Ingramer?

One of the widely used social media platforms is Instagram.

Successful marketing campaigns start with assessing your marketing strategy. Knowing your target audience and creating engaging Instagram content is easy with Ingramer.

Additionally, it is one of the best tools available in the market to elevate your feed on Instagram is Ingramer.

Therefore, no one wants to miss on the opportunity to increase brand awareness and promote growth in business through social media marketing.

Ingramer review on Growing Instagram Audience

The only way to grow your Instagram audience organically is through continuous research of your target audience, planning your postings, providing like and comment on others, including relevant hashtags, and continuously post stories to attract customers.

Ingramer Features
Ingramer Features

Assuredly, with Ingramer you can easily:

Automate Instagram Like and Follow actions:
  • You can automate actions such as ‘auto like’ to encourage others to like your post back.
    • For instance, you can benefit from auto like and auto-follow along with 1250 actions per day.
    • Do you wonder why it is necessary to automate Instagram actions? There are plenty of benefits to automating. This includes time-saving, focus on vital business, 24/7 posting, and easy to manage activities.
    • If you notice that you spend many hours manually liking and following on Instagram, you can opt for automated Instagram Like and Follow.
Smart Unfollow

You have the option to smart unfollow to clean your Instagram accounts. Clean up your account to unfollow.


As an extended functionality, Ingramer offers the Blacklist option to remove unwanted hashtags, location or usernames.

Automated Schedule postings

If you do not have the time to post regularly, you can automate by scheduling posts in advance.

  • You can auto-schedule pictures, content, and videos. If you spend several hours manually posting on Instagram, you can opt for scheduled postings.
  • Plan for a week, and regularly schedule systematic postings.
Send direct messages to followers

Learning about the business followers, enhancing network with the customers, and introducing new products are made easy through Direct Messaging.

    • For bulk posting and messages to followers, you can use direct messages option.
    • The Ingramer Direct Message option helps you send personalized messages to the audience.
Take advantage of hashtag generator

If you have been engaging in social media marketing, you know how important it is to use proper hashtags.

    • Ingramer Hashtag Generator can help you identify the right hashtag based on popularity.
    • You just need to enter the keyword to generate a hashtag. You can select from the most widely used hashtag listed.
Use advanced filters to narrow down your targeting

You can use profile filters to manage the number of followers, the number of users following, number of posts in their profiles and the last update they have made.

    • For best results, businesses should narrow down their targeting through filters.
    • Through precise targeting your promotions can reach the right group of consumers who can become your future customers.
View detailed statistics of the work

Through statistics, you can know your strong and weak points to identify the right strategy for managing your account.

    • For instance, you can identify the right hashtags to include, create much better content, reach new customers, and find the right time for posting.
    • Do you know that Ingramer Instagram analytics covers 13 metrics to audit your profile?
    • These metrics include the number of followers, engagement rate, average user activity, posts per day, posts per week, uploads amount, posts per month, most popular post time, top hashtags used, top caption words, audience interest, tops most commented posts, and top-most liked posts.

Instagram Profile Analyzer

Just open to the Instagram Profile Analyzer under Tools, enter a username and click Analyze.

Ingramer Profile Analyzer
Ingramer Profile Analyzer

Ingramer collects and analyzes statistics of an Instagram profile for various metrics. For instance, for Number of Followers, Engagement Rate, Average user activity, Posts per day, week and month, Uploads amount, Most popular post time, Top hashtags used, Top caption words, Audience interest, Top most commented posts, Top most liked posts.

Ingramer Profile Analyzer
Ingramer Profile Analyzer

Setting up your promotion on Ingramer

All it takes is a few minutes to set up your journey of business promotion on Ingramer.

  • Firstly sign up and add your account.
  • Secondly, set up a new campaign by adjusting your activities, target audience, set daily limits and enable filters.
  • Finally, let the Ingramer run your account and track through analytics.

All you need to do is slow down, relax and enjoy.

Ingramer Dashboard View

The dashboard has a clear and easy-to-use interface, if you are new to the tool, within no time you can clearly understand and find the information you are looking for.

Ingramer Dashboard
Ingramer Dashboard
Dashboard Activities

Through Ingramer Dashboard features you can view the following activities:

  • Following: Displays how many people are following the business account.
  • Liking: Displays the number of people liking your account.
  • Unfollowing: Displays the number of people not following.
  • Liking Feed: Displays the number of liking the feed.
  • Liking Comments: Displays the number of liking the comments.
  • Watching stories: Displays the number of people watching stories posted.
Other Dashboard functions

You can select the period for which you would want to view the activity. It could be last week, last month or last year. Moreover, apart from the Likes and following, you can view the number of the audience watching stories.

What attracts the audience to your account? For instance, stories can attract and interest people and draw attention to your post. Additionally, you can include polls and quests to alert and wake up your followers.

Finally, other options featured with Dashboard include Promo, Posting, Direct, VPN and Tools. The Tools tab features Trending Hashtags, which is a smart selection for hashtags.

Key Modules in Ingramer

Ingramer modules facilitate the promotion of your account, content scheduling, direct messages, and comments. Our Ingramer review lists the four modules in Ingramer:

Promotion Module

You can promote your account with auto liking, following and unfollowing. You have the option to promote your account through:

  • Hashtags: You can promote through most popular hashtags that will be effective for your business.
  • Locations: Helps interact with other accounts. You can promote your account by location.
  • Usernames: Facilitates selection of targeted audience.

Direct Messages

The main features of direct messages module are Instagram Direct Mass Messaging, Instagram Direct Chat, Instagram Direct Autoreply, and Instagram Direct Search. Additionally, you have the option to create mailouts, communicate, set up sales funnels and perform a direct search by keywords.

Direct Messages
Direct Messages

Moreover, if you are experiencing decreasing sales and not able to reach the target then send direct messages to persuade your followers to buy your product.

  • For instance, you can personalize direct messages for a group of followers to win business.
  • Also, you can either send direct messages to all of the existing followers or only the new followers.

Scheduled Posting

You can easily schedule the content for posting using the Scheduled Posting module. Definitely, no more worries about whether you will post your content on time. This module takes care of all your postings.

Ingramaer Scheduling
Ingramaer Scheduling

For instance, if you want to schedule a story, just add the story, enter descriptions and hashtags for the story, add locations, set a time for publication and save. The content will be posted in the set time.

Comment Tracker

The comment tracker keeps track of all the comments in the feed and alerts you about all the customer questions. You will not have the fear of not responding to any comments.

As a result, it is easy to view, track and manage comments. This module is currently under development for easy comment handling and tracking.

Functions in Tools Menu

Ingramer offers the function of the hashtag generator, hashtag trend i

Ingramer offers the function of the hashtag generator, hashtag trend indicator, photo or profile downloader, and profile analytics. The Tools menu provides options for hashtags and analytics. Our Ingramer review of tools include:

Instagram Hashtag Generator

In this, you have the option to generate hashtag using keyword, Photo, and URL. Enter the relevant keyword, or URL and click the Submit and Generate Hashtags button.

For instance, you can select from the list of Frequent, Average and Rare Hashtags. The number of times each of the listed hashtags used on Instagram will help you decide on the right hashtag for your business.

Ingramaer Hashtags
Ingramaer Hashtags

Hashtag Trends

Boost the traffic by selecting trending hashtags under your postings. Ingramer hashtags are trending and new to help you reach the heights of the fast pace marketing platform.

Instagram Downloader

You can effectively use Instagram downloader to save any photo from Instagram that is available for public access. In this, you have the option to download photos, profiles, videos, stories, and IGTV.

For instance, enter what you want to download and click Download. The main advantage of this Instagram downloader is you get to download photos without losing on quality.

Profile Analyzer

This feature collects data and analyses profiles based on various metrics. For instance, if you want to know the ‘top-most like posts’, profile analyzer can quickly analyze the profile.

Target your business promotion in the social media platform

Acknowledge the fact that consumers are differentiated based on various factors. Assuming there is no difference in the customers will no longer help the competitive marketplace. The Ingramer target feature lets you identify your business targets based on various criteria.

Furthermore, you can increase the accuracy in identifying the target audience. This can be done with the help of Gender, Likes, languages, stories, unfollowing, and Timezone.

In the Dashboard, click Targeting and then Advanced to select these targeting options to promote your business.

Certainly, these advanced filters make your promotion much more targeted. Identifying the target audience helps you concentrate on whom your business will cater to.

Therefore, without knowing who you are serving one cannot expect to prosper in the competitive world. Understanding clearly the differences in the audience will determine the success of marketing.

Comparison of Ingramer and other Instagram Bot

Any Instagram bot would help find active and real followers of the business. However, Ingramer could do it at a faster rate and can be considered more reliable in terms of performance.

Although there are several noteworthy Instagram Bots in the market, Ingramer makes a greater number of actions than any other tools. For instance, when you compare with Binbangram this tool can perform 3750 actions per day.

Furthermore, the new feature in pipeline is the Comment tracker option which will take this tool to the next level of performance.

According to our Ingramer review, the tool is reasonably priced. Ingramer prices start from $37 and have 2 weeks, 1 month and 3 months price option to get bigger discounts.

Strategies to elevate Instagram Presence

A tool’s effectiveness can be judged from the number of actions per month and hence it can be considered worth investing. Some of the strategies you can use to elevate your Instagram presence and engagement are:

  • Post content regularly and consistently in the target audience area of interest. In other words, plan fresh and exciting content to draw the attention of your target.
  • Monitor closely your Ingramer targets and send personalized Ingramer Direct Messages to your followers.
  • Have a marketing strategy in place to build business through Instagram. With minimal effort and time, you can steadily grow your audience with a trusted Instagram tool like Ingramer.
  • Bulk Post or schedule posts to ease your job. However, remember no tool is a substitute for your planned attempt to grow your business.

Therefore, to effectively utilize the potential of this Ingramer tool in social media marketing, the business should already possess a strong influencer marketing strategy.

Pros and Cons of Ingramer

Our Ingramer review of pros include:

  • A trusted, secured, simple and easy-to-use tool with an intuitive interface.
  • Performs 1250 plus actions per day and a competent team of specialists to support your account.
  • Auto feature to save time on liking, following and posting.

Here are the Ingramer review of cons:

A bot designed only for Instagram. More pricing options will encourage the users to opt for this.

Ingramer Review of Pricing

An Instagram bot with four different modules and the option to purchase for different periods. Currently, Ingramer offers 2 Weeks, 1 Month and 3 Months pricing options.

Ingramaer Pricing
Ingramaer Pricing


In conclusion, if you are an e-commerce or online marketing company, using a promotion tool will enhance business.

  • For this, you need a simple and effective Instagram promoting tool like Ingramer. This tool can very well help you identify the right marketing strategy to stay on the top.
  • Moreover, if your account is continuously growing, you can be sure that there is customer retention in your business. Successfully retaining your customers and encouraging them to stay with your account is made easy with this Instagram tool.
  • Having Ingramer not only help you connect with your customers, but also attract organic traffic and engage traffic through scheduled postings.
  • Planning makes a lot of difference in the e-commerce world. Our Ingramer review reveals that with this effective tool, you can plan or schedule your feed in advance.
  • Furthermore, you can reach more customers and have new followers only when you post content regularly and consistently. The danger of running out of content can be avoided through the scheduling and automation of Instagram posts.

Overall, Ingramer has an intuitive easy-to-use interface, useful statistics, high performance in terms of safety, speed, efficiency and customer support.

Begin your promotion through Ingramer Instagram bot that can perform 3750 actions with expanded functionality such as Liking, following, commenting, direct messaging with complete safety on sensitive data.

Embrace the full potential of this essential Instagram tool if you haven’t already.

Certainly, it is a must tool any e-commerce business should invest to engage with their audience.