2020 MasterClass Review: Benefits of MasterClass learning

Read our 2020 MasterClass review to know how the digital revolution has brought in the opportunity to learn online. Do you want to learn from the best instructors in your area of interest?

MasterClass review unleashes the possibility of learning from professionals all around the world.

Certainly, you can save time learning online. Additionally, you get to learn from the experts.


Above all, an online learning door of opportunities is MasterClass.

MasterClass Offerings For You

The MasterClass offerings are very lucrative to learners from all backgrounds.

  • Unlimited classes
  • 75 plus classes from the masters
  • 20 lessons average per class
  • 10 minutes average per lesson

MasterClass Unlimited Classes
MasterClass Unlimited Classes

In this article, we provide MasterClass review taking into consideration the key offerings in each of the disciplines. Additionally, we cover what learners feel and the advantage of learning online from experts.

Ever since E-learning was introduced, many have offered courses online. But, MasterClass differentiates itself as an online platform to learn the art from experts.

Moreover, these instructors are professionals, experts in their area, celebrities, and popular figures in their field, whom you normally do not get to meet otherwise.

What is MasterClass?

The MasterClass is an online learning platform based out of San Francisco. It has small lessons of 10-12 minutes for easy grasping.

MasterClass pricing

Reasonably priced for the number of minutes you get. Besides, you have the option of subscribing to unlimited classes as well.

What is the quality of MasterClass delivery?

The MasterClass provides world-class video quality and material for each class. Additionally, you get to download workbooks for each of the classes.

Bringing the best into your doorstep

    • Firstly, you get the opportunity to learn directly from professional people. Above all, you get to hear them share their knowledge, process, and thoughts about art, books, and tips.
    • Secondly, learn at your own speed using a computer or mobile device.

MasterClass who teaches what

Instructors What you learn
Serena Williams Tennis
Daniel Negreanu Poker
Stephen Curry Shooting
Garry Kasparov Chess
Phil Ivey Poker Strategy
Natalie Portman Acting
Ron Howard Directing
Helen Mirren Acting
David Lynch Creativity and Film
Samuel .L. Jackson Acting
Shonda Rhimes Writing for Television
Ken Burns Documentary film making
Aaron Sorkin Screenwriting
Jodie Foster Film making
Niel Degrasse Tyson Scientific Thinking and Communication
Chris Voss The Art of Negotiation
Gordon Ramsay Cooking
Steve Martin Comedy
Christina Aguilera Singing
Penn & Teller Art of Magic
Carlos Santana The Art and Soul of Guitar
Timbaland Producing and beat making
Hans Zimmer Film Scoring
Usher The Art of performance
Deadmau5 Electronic Music Production
Herbie Hancock Jazz
Armin Van Buuren Dance Music
Tom Morello Electric Guitar
Itzhak Perlman Violin
James Patterson Writing
Margaret Atwood Creative writing
Dan Brown Writing Thrillers
Neil Gaiman The Art of Storytelling
Malcolm Gladwell Writing
Joyce Carol Oates The art of the short story
David Mamet Dramatic Writing
Judy Blume Writing
R.L.Stine Writing for Young Audiences
Wolfgang Puck Cooking
Annie Leibovitz Photography
Marc Jacobs Fashion design
Frank Gehry Design and Architecture
Jane Goodall Conservation
Howard Schultz Business Leadership
Karl Rove and David Axelrod Campaign Strategy and Messaging
Bob Woodward Investigative Journalism

A Platform for Creative Professionals

The online education platform is a great way of learning through any devices and provides a door to meet with top creators around the globe:

Moreover, the list of new experts added to the MasterClass learning platform is growing. Here are some of the names of the classes we gathered as part of our MasterClass review.

  • Dramatic writing taught by David Mamet
  • Writing for Young Audiences taught by R.L.Stine
  • Creative Writing taught by author Margaret Atwood
  • Writing taught by NYT Bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell
  • Poker Strategy taught by Phil Ivey
  • Basketball Shooting, Ball Handling, and Scoring taught by NBA Championship Winner Stephen Curry
  • Photography taught by iconic photographer Annie Leibovitz
  • Directing taught by Oscar-winning director Ron Howard
  • Fashion Design taught by Marc Jacobs
  • Cooking Techniques taught by American Chef Thomas Keller
  • Dance Music taught by legendary music producer Armin Van Buuren
  • Filmmaking taught by Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese
  • Acting taught by Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren
  • Acting taught by Oscar-nominated actor Samuel L. Jackson
  • Cooking taught by famous MasterChef Gordon Ramsay
  • Comedy taught by ace comedian Steve Martin
  • Writing thrillers taught by James Patterson
  • Creativity and Leadership taught by Anna Wintour
  • Dramatic writing taught by David Mamet
  • Screenwriting taught by Aaron Sorkin

Certainly, more is coming!

What is featured currently?

Explore MasterClass
Explore MasterClass

Downloadable MasterClass material

If you want a recap or reference of the class, you can look into the downloadable material that is easily accessible. Above all, this material includes recaps and supplemental materials for additional learning.

Connecting Creative, Experienced and Skilled people

A platform that provides access to photographers, creative writers, sportsmen, artists and painters enabling you to learn at your own pace.


Learn various disciplines

As a learner, you can study various disciplines from the MasterClass platform. For instance, you can learn Music.

Furthermore, here are some other disciplines we observed in MasterClass review:

  • Culinary arts
  • Design, Photography & Fashion
  • Film & Tv
  • Music & Entertainment
  • Business, Politics & Society
  • Sports & games
  • Writing

For instance, you can learn chess from Garry Kasparov, the art of directing from Ron Howard, creativity and film from David Lynch, acting from Helen Mirren. Additionally, many more opportunities for you to learn from the experts.

Pros in MasterClass Review 

Here are some of the pros in review of MasterClass:

  • Available in the mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Affordable price and good returns for the money invested
  • Gain way to quality material from top-level creators and artists
  • Quality materials, video, and instructors
  • Regular posting of courses
  • Posts new courses regularly
  • A handy checklist of reminders
  • 75+ Classes from the masters
  • 10 Minutes average per lesson
  • 20 Lessons average per class
  • Value for money
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed in learning
  • The matchless quality of trainers

MasterClass Review Cons

  • Your current level of expertise and learning will be a constraint in taking advanced-level courses.
  • Some of the courses should be customized to meet the requirements of the audience across the globe.

Which class to take? And what to expect from MasterClass?

Here is a comparison talk about which class to take based on a discussion on YouTube.


MasterClass Newest Classes

MasterClass Newest
MasterClass Newest

Popular Instructors in MasterClass Some Instances

The online lessons and quality of the instructors are something to be treasured. Nevertheless, it is not easy to brief on everyone on the MasterClass platform.

However, to give you some idea of what the lessons by some of the experts cover. Certainly, our MasterClass review on a few of the courses will provide you valuable insights.

Advertising and Creativity by Jeff Goodby & Rich Silverstein

MasterClass has announced its newest class launch, Jeff Goodby & Rich Silverstein Teaches advertising and creativity. Through our MasterClass review, we observe the class teaches on reimagining the possibilities of advertising.

Besides, both the teachers come up with ideas to pitch in with great ideas and compelling stories. Again, the class is officially live and available with an in-depth and downloadable workbook.

MasterClass Jeff Goodby
MasterClass Jeff Goodby

In conclusion, within 18 lessons, the founders of legendary advertising agencies, share the ideas for advertising with personal stories and influences that groomed them.

Furthermore, they explain how to make advertising that works. After that, they teach you the need to listen to the world around you to come up with ideas.

Finally, Jeff and Rich explore the origins of the NBA “I love this game” campaign, the Sega scream, and the Nike skateboarding campaign in their effort to explain ways to engage the audience.

Art of Home Cooking by Alice Waters

MasterClass has announced its newest class launch, Alice Waters teaches how to select seasonal ingredients and create healthy and beautiful meals.

Firstly, Alice introduces the theme of home kitchen cooking. Secondly, she stresses the fact that changing the food can change your life.  Again, the Art of Home cooking class is officially live and available with an in-depth and downloadable workbook.

MasterClass Alice Waters
MasterClass Alice Waters

In conclusion, within 17 lessons, Alice teaches you the philosophy of cooking, the joy of adding a beautiful salad and the process of preparing an Indian inspired lunch.

After that, Alice teaches you about the essential tools in the kitchen, how to have a useful collection of them in everyday cooking.

Besides, you also get an idea of what to ask the vendors and farmers when shopping at the farmer’s market.

Furthermore, she teaches you what to select for your pantry, leaves, herbs and aromatic spices.

Moreover, the class includes a bonus lesson on Alice’s egg in a spoon.

The Art of negotiation by Chris Voss

MasterClass has announced its newest class launch, Chris Voss teaches the art of negotiation with field-tested strategies on how to see things your way.

Whether you are aiming to improve your relationship or service, you now are taught by an expert to master negotiation skills. Furthermore, as an FBI hostage negotiator, he shares his strategies to help you.

Above all, the art of negotiation class is officially live and available with an in-depth and downloadable workbook.

MasterClass Chris Voss
MasterClass Chris Voss

In conclusion, within 18 lessons, Chris Voss equips you with the power of negotiation. For instance, he portrays different strategies such as Tactical empathy, labeling, and mirroring.

Additionally, Chris provides useful tips on the importance of tone in your conversation. Furthermore, he even demonstrates techniques on how to win your children in negotiation.

Furthermore, our MasterClass review observes passionate teaching on the accusation of the audit. He teaches you how to use accusations as a means to convert negatives into positives.

Finally, he explains why he believes negotiation skill is a powerful tool that can change your life.

Scientific Thinking and Communication by Niel deGrasse Tyson

MasterClass has announced its recent class launch, Niel deGrasse Tyson teaches how his mind works and how he connects with audiences.

Niel discusses the importance of scientific thinking and communication and the role of hypothesis. After that, the theory in determining the results. Again, the class is officially live and available with an in-depth and downloadable workbook.

MasterClass Neil
MasterClass Neil

In conclusion, within 13 lessons, Neil discusses scientific thinking from the frontier of science, cognitive bias, cultural bias and our system of belief.

Besides, Niel explores his favorite session on scientific measurement in order to illuminate the approximation that is inherent.

Finally, he discusses preparing for your audience, communication tactics, and inspires curiosity in the audience for effective communication.

Writing your own best-sellers by James Patterson

MasterClass has announced its recent class launch, James Patterson teaches on writing your own bestseller. According to him, getting into the right mindset is the first step to write your bestseller.

James shares the techniques to generate ideas and how to separate the good ones from less interesting ones. Above all, the James class is officially live and available with an in-depth and downloadable workbook.

MasterClass James Patterson
MasterClass James Patterson

In conclusion, within 22 lessons, he provides a good understanding of the importance of research before writing, comprehensive outlines, editing, collaborating with co-author and getting your work published.

Furthermore, our MasterClass review on Patterson’s class observes that work does not stop with publishing. Additionally, how effectively you can market the book using Patterson’s way is what you’ll learn towards the last few sessions.

Finally, the class ends with a personal story and what next questions for your journey to begin as a writer.

Creativity and Leadership by Anna Wintour

MasterClass has announced its recent class launch in creativity, Anna Wintour teaches creativity and leadership. Our MasterClass review on Anna Wintour’s observe that she shares her early experiences that groomed her leadership style.

Besides, she takes you through management techniques, how to build a team and how to give feedback. Above all, Anna’s class is officially live and available with an in-depth and downloadable workbook.

MasterClass Anna Wintour
MasterClass Anna Wintour

In Conclusion, within 22 lessons, she offers practical tips for those starting their career, leading with vision, editorial decision making, executing a vision, the power of an image, what it takes to succeed, spotting designer talent, and gives tips to succeed.

Finally, in the last two classes cover case studies and the importance of leading with impact.

Film Making by Martin Scorsese

MasterClass has announced its recent class launch in film making, the legendary director Martin Scorsese teaches on film making.

Furthermore, our MasterClass review on Martin’s class observers that his approach to this online film class covers storytelling, editing and working with actors. Above all, the film making class is officially live and available with an in-depth and downloadable workbook.

MasterClass Martin
MasterClass Martin

In conclusion, within 30 lessons, he explains the process of film making from his experience and the importance of remaining true to yourself in the process of filmmaking.

Furthermore, he states that there is no definite film making process, but he shares how it looks like.

Additionally, he emphasizes the fact that remaining open to changes that are not predictable and those that would add value to the film making scene.

Acting by Natalie Portman

MasterClass has announced its recent class launch in acting, the self-taught actor Natalie Portman teaches on acting. Our MasterClass review on Natalie observes that she applies personal techniques to create compelling, complex characters.

Furthermore, in her online class, it portrays how to introduce real-life details into every acting role and add your own creativity into the process of acting. Certainly, you’re into a breakout performance.

MasterClass Natalie
MasterClass Natalie

In conclusion, within 20 lessons, she covers the need to know the character and dig for information. Also, she emphasizes building the personality of the character through makeup and wardrobe, use of physical gesture, dialect coaching and working on a set.

Besides, she also emphasized the importance of building a good rapport with the Director for a good performance.

Photography by Annie Leibovitz

MasterClass has announced its recent class launch in photography, Annie Leibovitz teaches photography. and the last person to take a portrait of John Lennon. Our Master Class review on her class reveals to us what makes a picture extremely impressive isn’t the gear or technology—it’s the story.

Furthermore, Annie explains to you her photography philosophy various photography topics such as concept developing, working with subjects, shooting in natural light and how to bring images to life.

MasterClass Annie
MasterClass Annie

In conclusion, within15 lessons, she covers working with lights, studio vs location, working with your subject, photographing people who are close to you.

Moreover, she teaches on the technical side of photography by sharing her views on sharpness and focus. Above all, she stresses the importance of content in photography.

Conservation by Jane Goodall

MasterClass has announced its recent class launch in conservation, Jane Goodall teaches on conservation. She says that nature can win if only we give her a chance for it.

Furthermore, our MasterClass review observes that she beautifully explains the importance of conservation and shares her research views on behavioral patterns of animals and what she learned on conservation.

MasterClass Jane
MasterClass Jane

In conclusion, MasterClass review can say that within 29 lessons, she covers ample information on conservation starting from her childhood dreams.

Furthermore, she shares the challenges she encountered, the breakthrough she achieved, Chimpanzee development and learning and animal intelligence.

Finally, in the endnote, she shares the reasons for hope in conservation.

Mexican Cooking by Gabriela Camara

MasterClass has announced its newest launch in Mexican cooking, Gabriela Camara teaches on Mexican cooking. She is called the star of modern Mexican cuisine, for her local, sustainable twist to time-honored traditions.

Furthermore, she shares the richness of her culture through the art of food.

Certainly, you’ll experience learning step-by-step recipes on a variety of dishes through her online class.

MasterClass Gabriela
MasterClass Gabriela

In conclusion, within 13 lessons, the internationally acclaimed chef Gabriela shares the art of Mexican cooking. Our MasterClass review notices Gabriel skills in making masa,Corn tortillas, raw salsas, red and green roasted fish, fried eggs with two salsas and much more.

Certainly, she doesn’ t stop there, you’ll learn the art of making Mexican desert with guava filling.

Finally, Gabriela closes the class by a briefing on the importance and Mexican hospitality and why caring about small details of food is important.

Makeup and Beauty by Bobbi Brown

MasterClass has announced its newest launch in makeup, Bobbi Brown teaches on makeup and beauty. According to Bobbi Brown, makeup should be natural and it should enhance the look of the person.

Being a beauty industry icon, her expertise in the industry will help you learn the right way of makeup and beauty through a step-by-step process.

Certainly, you’ll learn to be confident through this online beauty class.

Class by Bobbi
Class by Bobbi

In conclusion, within 19 lessons, Bobbi covers the entire philosophy of beauty starting from changing face of beauty, color and makeup, inside the makeup kit, and much more.

Furthermore, she demonstrates the foundation on models for various tones, she even shows how to use the tinted moisturizer instead of a full face of foundation.

Furthermore, our MasterClass review observes that Bobbi takes the class to the next level of beauty by discussing workplace makeup, self-application, the perfect smoky eye, and 1-minute makeup.

Above all, she requests not to give up on your goals and offers advice to aspiring leaders.

Storytelling and humor by David Sedaris

MasterClass has announced its newest launch in storytelling, David Sedaris teaches on storytelling and humor. David has produced essays in The New Yorker, bestselling books like Calypso, tours, and readings on NPR.

Certainly, you’ll learn how to create attention-grabbing openings, satisfying endings, and meaning from the mundane. Also, you’ll know the use of humor to connect with others around.

Class by David
Class by David

In conclusion, within 14 lessons, David shares his thought on what you need to write and how everyone can write about their life.

Our MasterClass review observes that he discusses on observing the world, turning observations into stories, breaking into a story through an interesting opening line.

Additionally, he teaches on connecting to your reader and writing about your loved ones without hurting them.

Finally, David gives advice for writing every day.

Self-made Entrepreneurship by Sara Blakely

MasterClass has announced its newest launch in entrepreneurship, Sara Blakely teaches on self-made entrepreneurship. She is the world’s youngest female self-made billionaire in 2012.

Certainly, you’ll learn from her how to open doors and close deals. Our MasterClass review observes her customer-first approach and her expertise for prototyping.

Furthermore, she covers branding, building awareness, and bootstrapping your way to success.

Class by Sara
Class by Sara

In conclusion, within 14 lessons, Sara explains self-made entrepreneurship in the context of developing your big idea. This she does by filtering ideas, developing the entrepreneurial mindset, prototyping tactics, make it, build it, and sell it.

Furthermore, she discusses a marketing case study on the importance of differentiation in retail.

Finally, in the closing note, Sara shares her knowledge of surviving in the ups and downs.

Producing and Beatmaking by Timbaland

MasterClass has announced its newest launch in producing and beat-making, Timbaland teaches you the process of creating tracks.

Certainly, you’ll learn how to collaborate with vocalists, layer new tracks, and create hooks that stick through his teaching and making a beat.

Class by Timbaland
Class by Timbaland

In conclusion, within 15 lessons, Timbaland covers the entire beat of producing and beat-making by covering studio sessions, building beats, share music with his team, tweaking and layering drum.

Furthermore, he demonstrates how creating unique sounds can make your production distinguishable.

Finally, in the last few sessions, Tim shares how influences shaped hm and how you should persevere for success.

MasterClass Pricing Plans

Classes are offered at a monthly price of Rs.1295/month.

MasterClass Pricing
MasterClass Pricing

Now your learning can be continuous, it doesn’t have to stop with a single class. Moreover, you can get unlimited access to the classes at Rs.15550.

Nevertheless, no trial offered currently from MasterClass.

Therefore, if you are interested in more number of classes, then it is wise to go for the all-access pass.

MasterClass All Access
MasterClass All Access

Students Feedback on MasterClass

The review feedback from students on completion of classes shows they are extremely satisfied and looking forward to enrolling for new classes.

MasterClass Student Reviews
MasterClass Student Reviews

In conclusion, here are some snippets on what students feel about MasterClass:

  • Good presentation and information
  • Highly inspirational
  • Love to see broader subjects
  • Love the platform
  • Like the content and quality of videos
  • Awesome platform
  • Every subject is interesting
  • The value of knowledge for the cost is amazing

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